Wider Embraces 

Let’s resource ourselves deeply in ‘that which is unbroken’,

So that we can be more present to the parts that are broken

and which are breaking our hearts?

  • The Earth is not actually broken – the biosphere has transformed many times
  • As far as we know, the universe is not broken

Wider Embraces is a guided meditation technique which brings us into conscious, energetic awareness and deeper alignment and belonging to each nested sphere of our larger being – Universe, Biosphere, Humanity and Self.

Modern science theorises about a highly structured and interconnected universe; from the quantum, physical, biological, cultural and cosmologcal levels of scale. However, we are habitually unconscious of this amazing stucture, and when we are conscious of it – it is only conceptually.

This awareness of our wider embraces is healing in itself, but we can also use the technique to generate insight about any of the social groups in which we particpate – such as family, nation or work team.

Whether it’s our professional or personal relationships  Wider Embraces can offer insight about our troubled relations and offers profound integration and alignment.

There are two ways in which I use Wider Embraces as part of my coaching.

– I encourage anyone coaching with me to join our Sunday group sessions. It requires a deliberate practise to be present with constant love, compassion and forgiveness to that which is broken in the human culture. Our Sunday sessions  are just such a practise.

– We can use the Wider Embraces method as part of the one-to-one coaching, to gain insight and healing with any group in which you participate – family, nation, company and so on.

“I’ve had 2 Wider Embrace sessions with Matthew and each has been deeply satisfying. They have helped me to work on levels and topics that I wanted to address but didn’t even quite know how to put into words. Matthew holds the space beautifully– creating a safe and inviting atmosphere where ‘what needs to be worked on’ emerges naturally and gently. It feels like integration happens on multiple levels. After each session, I’ve been left with a sense of joy. I love that our connection to the Earth is an integral part of this work. I feel that when I do the work, I heal not just myself but also shift things in a positive way for the Earth too.”   S.D 2020

A powerful aspect of Life Coaching is getting out of the tired old habitual story we tell ourselves  in order to adopt new,  powerful perspectives,  stories and ways of seeing which energise, refresh and inspire us into new actions and compelling pathways. Many of us are demoralised by the global situation, feel at odds with our humanity, our own inner being and the groups to which we belong.

Allow me to guide you into your wider embraces for profound healing and insight … 

Wider Embraces Coaching

Find greater belonging and alignment with all parts of you

Discover and enact what it is that is longing to evolve in you


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