Topics that typically bring someone to Coaching include:

Times of transition and transformation

Emotional healing

Loss and lostness

Alignment, Livelihood and Vocation

Deepening your presence and becoming authentic

Relational challenges

Longing and Belonging

Spiritual awakening


What is Coaching?

The primary aim of Coaching is to ignite the clients own resources of inspiration, knowledge, wisdom, feeling, values, vision, personality and presence and bring them to bear on the life topics that the client brings to the process, so that inspired, compelling and effective pathways for action towards a better life and self-defined goals can be taken. Whatever the presenting topic the coach is reaching underneath and beyond the ‘problem’ to evoke the clients own genius within, so that the benefits are far more profound and long lasting than simply ‘solving’ the issue at hand. When the client’s own genius is ignited and brought to bear upon the topic then not only is the presenting issue illuminated and transformed, but the clients wisdom is activated in a new way which will continue to serve throughout life.

 Having someone on your side who is in service to your self-realising genius, and helping t ensure its prompts are put into action is a tremendous opportunity for deep and lasting change and empowerment. Being deeply, deeply seen without judgement, can unravel and unpack all kinds of compressed and stored negativity and limitation.  Coaching can explore and illuminate the most difficult and private areas, but mostly it is energising, enjoyable, sincere, profound, activating and even fun.

What is Evolution Coaching?

 Evolution Coaching places personal coaching in a larger framework than ordinary self-development and empowerment. Evolution Coaching acknowledges that these are not ordinary times, that humanity is provoking a great crisis for ourselves and for all life on earth, that as a species we need to change course or transform. There have been many moments of revolution and evolution in our species experience but what is currently occurring is without precedent – we don’t yet know how to do what needs to be done to the meet the scale of the crisis.  As concerned individuals, as representatives of our species, as global citizens we do not have a precedent or a map for the urgent transformation we are currently undergoing.

 Evolution Coaching seeks to expand the personal boundary of coaching and evoke the species and the global genius within. It is for anyone who is experiencing any aspect of the global crisis within their own personal being and can no longer compartmentalise or separate their personal well-being from the global when considering self-development, self-realisation and how to thrive and find happiness and meaning in this increasingly crazy world.

 Evolution Coaching recognises that we live in an evolving universe and seeks to awaken the universal evolutionary impulse within. One of the symptoms of the malaise of modern life is a lack of participation in the wonder and awe of the cosmic Universe. Evolution Coaching seeks to foster and facilitate an authentic reconnection with awe, wonder, amazement – however that looks to the client. Whether it’s an intellectual, spiritual, emotional or even psychedelic provocation to awaken and engage with the mystery and magnificence of the Universe, it is always a fantastic antidote to the anxiety of the world in late-stage insanity, and resources and equips us to face and respond appropriately and innovatively to personal well being at a time of  global crisis.

 The personal, the global and the universal being are a single, seamless, unified self at different levels of scale but we have largely forgotten this ancient wisdom. The global extinction of species event we are inflicting, which is well underway, is the destruction of our own global self, it is an extreme and urgent call to human awakening and a redefinition of what it is to be human, it calls our attention beyond the usual personal and physical boundary of self, to the global being.

The purpose of discomfort and pain is simply to call attention to what needs healing; avoiding or ignoring that call is all too easily done, but it is not wise.  Humanity is not yet responding in proportion to the global health issues we are provoking, there is extreme, pathological compartmentalisation, complacency and avoidance. Global dissonance and pain is hard to acknowledge, face and navigate, there are vertigo inducing issues of scale as something much larger than the individual is experienced which can seem to threaten, overwhelm or undermine our personal stability and well being. Evolution Coaching offers a safe space in which to conteplate and respond to the ‘more than personal’ tragedy that is unfolding, and to find apropriate and meaningful ways to respond.  

 Planetary health issues can be especially disempowering and de-motivating if we are not in touch with a balancing vision and experience of global health, well being, resonance and nature. Even thinking about transforming the world ‘out there’ can seem overwhelming and impossible, however  Evolution Coaching recognises that transforming the world ‘in here’, in our own mind is more effective and achievable and inevitably leads to effective, purposeful, engagement, participation and collaboration out there.  As a Coach I am constantly astounded by the genius of my clients, the great global solutions, leaders, movements and evolution the species needs are found within the small self in the first instance.

 Evolution Coaching is not a teaching, it is an evocation.  The process and the result will be unique and idiosyncratic in each person. My faith and my experience is that given a non-judgemental enquiring space a new conscious alignment can be achieved between the personal, global and universal dimensions of the self and that millions, if not billions of people are in the vicinity of this process because it is urgently being demanded of us.

 It seems that outside of the one to one Coaching arena I have a lot to say about this subject which you can read and watch at greater depth throughout the website if you are attracted. Inside the Coaching arena my ideas are not relevant because Evolution Coaching aims to discover your unique way of responding that fits your deepest needs and aspirations within the patterns of your own life. I believe that every single human on earth deserves to be fulfilled, engaged and  and self determined but in wasy that do not undermine the biosphere.


 Evolution Coaching is not a teaching, it is not a growth in information – it is a growth in being. But there are some terms, a frame of reference that can point to what the experience might entail. Here are some terms that those considering Coaching may find useful:


The evolutionary perspective runs right through my coaching. It’s not just biology or life that evolves, it’s recently come to light that the entire universe is an evolutionary, unfolding event rather than a static place. The Hubble telescope has revealed that the universe is a singular, highly structured, self assembling, evolutionary process – an ongoing event. The evolutionary impulse animates and drives the entire universe and it has been embodied and has the potential to awaken in humankind. If that sounds intellectual or high brow, consider that fizzing in your stomach when you get an inspired new idea or desire, and the observations you make as you try it out, that’s the evolutionary impulse that drives the universe right there!  We can bring more consciousness to this process, placing that evolutionary impulse in the context of service to something bigger than our personal well-being. The universe took thirteen billion years to evolve us and we are the instruments through which the universe gains wondrous new depth of experience and the capacity to evolve consciously, thoughtfully.

 We are at an evolutionary threshold as a species and as a planet, where we self-select for survival or extinction. Taking this on board and responding appropriately and proportionately whilst managing our personal lives embedded within an increasingly challenging and insane world is a very big deal. But when we de-compartmentalise self and other, and open coaching up to this wider context or framework then the whole universe participates and guides the creative process.

 The Biosphere

The Biosphere is the sum total of all life on earth. It is every single organism from bacteria to camels, it is also the relationships between all the organisms, and it is the habitats that have been adapted by life for life like the atmosphere and the oceans. The biosphere is the living system out of which we emerged and upon which we depend. The biosphere is a living organism, a complex, self organising and adapting system, a cell, a living jewel in space. Our being is not in any real way separate from the biosphere,  without a biosphere there is no humanity; most humans through most of time seem to have intuitively understood this. In modern, industrial, consumer, society we forgot the intuitive knowledge of our larger living self as we moved out of immersion with the biosphere and into our own cultural habitats,  we are only just remembering its importance as we  threaten the viability of the biosphere.

 The World

The world is the sum total of everything human every single human being, along with our cultures, languages, economics, religions, economies and technologies. The world is the people, it’s the cultural operating system that ‘runs’ the people, and its the human habitats and landscapes that the system creates; which we have imposed upon ourselves and the biosphere.

The world is turning out to be inherently contradictory and problematic requiring that we urgently change or upgrade the operating system to calibrate with the biosphere this is not  straightforward task when we ourselves and everyone we know is deeply embedded within the ‘reality’ of the old operating system. None the less, millions of people are engaged in this process of awakening.


The world is at odds with the biosphere and the world is at odds with our own humanity because it is being run by ideas which are unnatural and inhumane. The world is killing the biosphere and its artificial habitats are making us sick. Dissonance is not inevitable, it’s not because there are six billion people or because humans are inherently bad, Dissonance is getting louder because the ideas that happen to run us and dominate our culture are at odds with what we  know about how life and the universe actually work. Deep down you already know this, facing up to and actively responding will most likely come as a relief.

 The dissonance between the world and the biosphere, and the world and human nature is showing up everywhere and rapidly getting more intense. Dissonance in the forms of anger, fear, anxiety, self reproach, insecurity, alienation, compartmentalisation, depression, numbing out, addictive, destructive  or distracting behaviours is at epidemic levels and we are all prone to them.

Dissonance is negative, corrosive, cynical, uncomfortable, isolating, separating and excluding; fortunately dissonance is self cancelling  it cannot be sustained indefinitely because it undermines its own pre-conditions and always provokes change.


One way to explain Coaching is that it works by consistently moving from dissonance to resonance which can show up as joy, alignment, synergy, acceptance, collaboration, creativity, connection, authenticity, enthusiasm. Resonance is inclusive, positive, optimistic, exuberant, connecting, synergistic, inter-penetrating and harmonious. Above all resonance is self-sustaining and self-perpetuating condition of complex systems, it strengthens its participant elements, it leads to all kinds of innovation, emergence and co-operation, it is the energetic, guiding medium or conditon of evolution throughout the universe.

Resonance is a universal quality of complex systems but when it shows up in human experience we tend to call it Love. Love dissolves the materialist, separating assumptions that drive the world and its bleak ‘reality’, it looks different to every one of us and yet we all recognise it in ourselves and others and seek to expand and share it.

It is becoming harder and harder to find and live love in the dissonant, anxious, materialist world we have made and so it can require some effort and practise such as a period of Coaching to rekindle.

 The biosphere, nature, is a resonant, mostly benevolent living entity, even though it is being  weakened, its resonance can still be found and connected with in the nature all around us even in the urban environment. I recommend a meaningful and deepening connection with nature to all my clients, urban and rural. Humans find our best functioning through joyful, interconnected, resonance with the living field of being and each other because life and consciousness are interdependent field conditions (like magnetism is a field condition for example). Nature can be engaged with as a co-facilitator during Evolution Coaching, an active and deliberate source of resonance, compassion and active conscious wisdom.

 Evolution Coaching seeks to engage the clients own isdom in answering the question – ‘How do I make my way in the world whilst transforming it for the better in my own sweet way?’. 


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