My Testimonials are very precious to me, they record  the difference I’ve been able to make…


If you are thinking of engaging with me please take some time to read these,

they speak far more highly of my coaching than I would dare to speak for myself!

 “While I’m familiar with the elements as healing powers, your capacity to sense and respond with a model of collapse as natural is brilliant. And with the help of the elements it has brought me clarity of mind for inspired action. ”

C.B  2020

“Working with Matthew during our coaching session was a transformational experience. I got to really hear what my body needed and wanted from me, as opposed to what my mind and thoughts continually tell me, about who l am supposed to be and what l should be doing . l found  using the Wider Embraces to explore a personal issue involving my family quite transformational. I managed to become aware of a very different way of viewing my situation and as a result l feel myself to be embarking on a whole new and healing relationship with them. Thank you Matthew “

 E.M.G  2020 

I’ve had 2 Wider Embrace sessions with Matthew and each has been deeply satisfying. They have helped me to work on levels and topics that I wanted to address but didn’t even quite know how to put into words. Matthew holds the space beautifully– creating a safe and inviting atmosphere where ‘what needs to be worked on’ emerges naturally and gently. It feels like integration happens on multiple levels. After each session, I’ve been left with a sense of joy. I love that our connection to the Earth is an integral part of this work. I feel that when I do the work, I heal not just myself but also shift things in a positive way for the Earth too. I will most certainly be continuing to include the Wider Embrace work with Matthew into my ongoing self and Earth-care. 
S. D. 2020

During our time together, Matt has encouraged me to listen to and trust my own wisdom, and to create a vision for the way I’d like to live my life. He’s helped me to uncover buried hopes once again and to sow the seeds for my ‘dream life garden’, both metaphorical and real! The vision means moving house, changing my work, letting go of decades of social conditioning and learning to fly my kite high again. During our sessions, I can go through all emotional seasons as we uncover and explore. But Matt creates an infinite space to do this, allowing anything that comes up. He has an almost preternatural gift for pinpointing and framing the issues and feelings that bring me the most pain and the greatest hope. And then supporting me to understand how I might accept these feelings, find some peace and continue to act towards the Vision. His way of encouraging me to connect in to the natural world and outwards to the people I share it with, always referencing our beautiful planet and the challenges we all face, really works for me. And put simply, Matt is just a wonderful human being. Thank you.”

E.I. 2020  

Working with Matt has allowed me the space and freedom to go deeper than I ever would have expected in such short sessions.

With mutual trust, honour and respect, we open up to whatever aspect I feel I need to work with each time, and dive headlong into the depths.  Matt works intuitively so he knows when to push and when to back off, and every time, we get surprises.

Sometimes there are tears; laughter is guaranteed, and always a deep sense of being truly seen, fully heard, safely held in sacred space. 

I would highly recommend Matt to anyone who wants to work with an intuitive life coach, rather than a goal-oriented coach.  Over the last few weeks I have learned so much more about my own personal values and goals and how to achieve what my heart desires, without any major references to action plans, measuring progress, goal reviews or lessons learned.  As we work through each issue, the solutions become so obvious to me, they don’t need to be integrated into my life in any structured clinical way, they are just a natural way to move forward.  Following the intuitive path is not always easy, there can be pain and challenges, but it has proved to be a much more natural flowing process for me. I see the results so much more quickly as I am not resisting the changes or battling to modify habits and behaviours, and that in itself feels pretty miraculous.

T.S 2015 

Matthew I want to thank you again for the coaching session. It’s helped to give me the gusto to go and do my thing. I’m performing at a Slam Poetry event next Friday and today I began shooting a music video that we will finish tomorrow…… NICE ONE!

S.P. 2015 

My life coaching journey with Matthew has totally enhanced my life. The sessions brought clarity, insight and a deeper understanding of my self and my purpose. The sessions allowed my inner wisdom to flow into my everyday life. Since the sessions, I have more focus, more direction and more joy in my life. I have a much deeper understanding of who I am and what I would like to achieve. The experience has been completely transformational – I now have a new job, new house and a new partner! I am the happiest I have ever been and would like to thank Matthew for his guidance, integrity, support and encouragement.

K.C. 2015

That’s what I would expect from life coaching, its a challenging process. It helped me to realised what are the important things in my life and enjoy life more fully. Its incredible how quick was the change. Matthew knows how to listen and he has the skill of asking the right questions! Amazing, never experienced anything like it!

K. K. 2016

Matthew is an exceptionally perceptive, caring and helpful coach. He’s helped me to get in touch with my energy and my true nature. He’s also helped me hugely in clarifying my goals and moving towards them. He always crystallises the lessons into key action points, which is super-useful. 

D.K 2016

Matthew’s Coaching has been a centralisation. It’s like once upon a time but with your own life. I wasn’t sure about coaching, I thought how can someone tell me how to live my life, how can they know me… I learned that they didn’t need to, in fact Matthew just asked me what I wanted to do, at which point it seemed obvious that I should just go ahead and do it. So I did and then when we talked again and it seemed obvious that I should take it further, so I did. The calls were like a huge buzz, I actually became suspicious about the positivity of them, but this is coaching not therapy, not about what’s wrong but about what you want to be right. Matthew either does absolutely nothing, or has great ability and timing!! Cause it all feels effortless to work things out. Seeing as this doesn’t apply to the rest of my life I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt!

P.M. 2016

My journey with Matthew began during a dark phase in my life without which I’d still be struggling to see the light. I would have to compare my time with Matthew with that of magic making. His deeply intuitive and powerful visualisation techniques during my journey have helped me become stronger, taught me self love and how to nurture myself and seen me through a life changing transformation for which I will be eternally grateful. Matthew is truly gifted at what he does! I can’t thank him enough for helping unleash the true me and to be able to stand alone in my power.

R.C. 2016

I’m fascinated and genuinely amazed by the coaching that I’ve had from Matt. Six sessions so far that have totally changed my life. Like most I’ve constructed survival strategies to get through life but which have been acting as roadblocks preventing me from being where and who I want to be. They’ve been in place for years, apparently solid and immoveable.

One hour session with Matt focusing on different blocks each time has totally blown them out of the water, leaving me free to act how I really want to act.  I’ve still got a lot left but as each session ends in realising a totally different energy, enthusiasm and optimism, I’m looking forward to blasting the rest of the buggers!!!  (or if you don’t want swearing…  I’m looking forward to transforming the rest too.)

Matt is fun, incredibly perceptive and intuitive.  I’m sure he’s got many different methods in his tool kit to help his clients become the change they want to see in themselves, in my sessions, he hits the nail on the head every time.  We all have a path in life we would like to follow if only…. Matt works with you to find out what is stopping you live that life. He helps you transform that energy from a negative to a positive so that things that seemed difficult now morph to an exciting new challenge.  A session with Matt is highly creative, exciting, safe and fun. I can’t wait to get on with my life the moment I leave a session with him and I highly recommend him from every which angle. I’m just totally relieved to have found him and now I can see the life I’ve always wanted coming into view!

R.R. 2016


Coaching with Matthew has been an absolute treat! It has been a catalyst for me to go after things in life that I would barely admit to wanting because they were so important. With Matthew’s intuitive and enthusiastic support I have felt encouraged to go for it. Not just that, but he was able to see the vision with me, to make me feel that what seemed like castles in the air were real tangible goals. Right now I have so much to be getting on with, which is brilliant, and they are the things ‘I’ want to do.

They say that all an artist needs is one good friend and I see Matthew as that. He genuinely cares about what he does and if you want to reach the stars, he‘ll head right up there with you!

P.M 2016


Matthew  is an exceptionally perceptive, caring and helpful coach. He’s helped me toget in touch with my energy and my true nature. He’s also helped me hugely in clarifying my goals and moving towards them.He always crystallises the lessons into key action points, which is super-useful.

D.K.  2016


Matthew’s wise and gentle skills of unravelling, pinpointing and solution finding made our coaching sessions together a pleasure and a treat in helping me on my way forward. Look no further if you’re feeling a little stuck and unfulfilled.  

J.H. 2016


I started working with Matthew in January 2016 on a recommendation from a very wise and trusted friend. I had no idea what to expect, I just knew that I needed to help to move on from a painful and turbulent time in my life, through a long period of transition and into something more positive and productive. I couldn’t have expected to be guided through beautiful, challenging and new landscapes – I thought I knew myself on a deep and intuitive level, but Matthew took me beyond those concepts to a place I am grateful to now inhabit. Before we started work he took time to get to know me and where I was at and what my aims of any coaching were. He was very easy to open up to, I never felt judged by him and his style was clear, curious and insightful. The four sessions we had seemed to unlock more and more hidden chambers inside myself: a cloud became a nebula became the perfect garden became a copse of beech trees. There was always something new to notice and from that ‘new’ there were different ways of experiencing life, my self and others around me. The process was moving, uplifting and, ultimately, life changing

R.R. 2016

Mathew has been a treasure to my development. He helps me to resolve inner issues that I am facing by evoking my own inner wisdom and helping me to realise my strengths, knowledge and successes. He is incredibly warm, open and intuitive that makes you feel welcome, safe and able to open up fully. Matt is non invasive he is sensitive, and guides you perfectly to clarity with simple open questions. I would highly recommend Mathew to anyone who is looking for any form of personal or business help, support, guidance, motivation, clarity or help being with emotions or any repetitive thought or behavioural patterns. He is certainly a real treasure and highly skilled and experienced in what he does. 5 star

J.R. 2016 

Hi Matthew. You gave me free coaching session in February. I promised to let you know how I’m getting on with things. My anxiety eased off and I don’t feel so lonely anymore. As you can see, Alice is definitely jumping into rabbit hole, and I wanted to thank you for that. For helping me to re-discover myself again!  Many thanks

M.H 2017


Free trial session


I offer a FREE CONSULTATION (one to one and a half hours) where you can enjoy some powerful coaching without any obligation to continue, to see if we are a match, and work out how coaching could best serve you if you choose to continue. Here’s what one person said after a single hours coaching with me…

“Hi Matthew. You gave me free coaching session in February. I promised to let you know how I’m getting on with things. My anxiety eased off and I don’t feel so lonely anymore. As you can see, Alice is definitely jumping into rabbit hole, and I wanted to thank you for that. For helping me to re-discover myself again! Many thanks “

M.H. June 2017

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