Deep Adaptation Coaching 

3 week programme 

Short 3 week Programme

So you’ve already had a one-off session of Deep Adaptation Coaching and want to dive deeper. We will use the insight gained from the first session to frame and design these next sessions. 

In these sessions there are many things we might explore. We could focus on the Wider Embraces meditation and use it to find alignment with aspects of your self with which you feel at odds – closer circles such as family, friends, profession – or with your wider embraces – humanity or the biosphere. We might focus on strengths and vulnerabilites through the lens of one or more of the elements –

Acceptance         – Feelings and emotions

            Resistance           – Values, mission and passion

                                                  Engagement       – Embodiment, physical resilience and purpose

                                      Understanding  – Mind, meaning and making sense of it all

                  Transcendence  – Spirit connection and presence

We might look at cultivating a more intimate and liberating relationship with death and dying.

The topics which best serve your deepening adaptation will be the design of the the course.

My fees are highly variable and I do work pro-bono. The standard fee for this course is one hundred to one hundred and fifty pounds.   

Wider Embraces Life Coaching

Find greater belonging and alignment with all parts of you

Discover and enact what it is that is longing to evolve in you in the shadow of collapse


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