Deep Adaptation Coaching 

One-off session 

An inquiry into deepening your adaptation

  • A  90 minute session of Deep Adaptation Coaching 
  • Gain fresh insight into where you are with it all, how it is impacting you, and what steps to take 
  • Pay as you feel after the session – no questions asked! 
  • email me now at

Collapse is complex and uncertain,  it impacts us in many ways,  it invites and demands whole-person change, even as we must still make our way in the world as it is.

Deep Adaptation is a life-long practice, with many elements and processes to cope with. These sessions offer a space to look at the different elements and processes separately, so we can move out of overwhelm and begin to take worthwhile steps in whichever direction is most urgent and beneficial. 

To prepare for a session please spend some time with these questions and make some notes. 

In the session we will start with a gentle inquiry from your notes,  to gain insight into which areas you are strong and better resourced and in which areas you may feel vulnerable or under-resourced. Then, I will guide you into a 15 minute Wider Embraces meditation. After that, we will use the resonant heart space to gently explore whatever most needs to be explored, and the next steps and actions for you to take will become aparent. If needed, I can signppost you towards other sources of information and help.

You may use this session to decide if you want to work with me further or not, but there is absolutely no expectation or ‘stealth marketing’. 

 A powerful aspect of Life Coaching is getting out of the tired old habitual story we tell ourselves  in order to adopt new,  powerful perspectives,  stories and ways of seeing which energise, refresh and inspire us into new actions and compelling pathways. Many of us are demoralised by the global situation and feeling at odds with humanity and our own inner being…

Understanding and remembering that the entire universe is on an evolutionary journey excites me, it brings me alive, it connects me with a story far bigger than my self, it empowers me to be bigger, braver, bolder; but what embraces can we visit to bring you into alignment  and into inspired action?

Wider Embraces Life Coaching

Find greater belonging and alignment with all parts of you

Discover and enact what it is that is longing to evolve in you


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