Deep Adaptation Coaching 

3 month programme 

3 Month Programme

What if you were able to ‘rope-off’ three months of your life to really pay attention to what matters most?

Few of us can go on withdraw from the world and retreat, we still have to function in our busy lives – but with some intentions agreements and practices in place, we can co-create a transformational space, a period of inquiry, reflection, adjustment and change whilst still embedded within the normal routines.  

There is a lot we can do in three months, the content of that will be tailored to your needs and  aspirations,  why not take this time to awaken, come alive, and make changes?


These are troubled times, but calibrating your inner world with global realities is a very positive process.



Coming to terms with how things actually are – Compassion



Making a stand for the values we cherish – Mission



Working to build physical resilience – Purpose 



Making better sense of it all – Meaning



Resourcing ourselves with deeper connection to the unbroken  – Presence


During this time we can work deeply as you want to go with Wider Embraces meditation. 

Activists    – the heat and passion of an ignited  mission can all too easily lead to burn out. I like to work with activists to resource and renew.

My fees are variable and I do some work pro-bono.

The standard fee for the 3 month programme  is five hundred pounds.  


Wider Embraces Life Coaching

Find greater belonging and alignment with all parts of you

Discover and enact what it is that is longing to evolve in you in the shadow of collapse


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