Deep Adaptation Coaching 

Deep Adaptation is a process…

we take the shadow of ‘collapse’ deeply into our being,

in order to find an authentic, integrated and loving response….

The process is painful and enlivening,

overwhelming and transformative,

…so let’s break it down into manageable ‘elements’ 



You are intelligent, informed, capable, talented and experienced. But collapse is a different order of challenge,  it is a global, species level,  existential predicament we find ourselves in.  You may find yourself in avoidance, distraction, grief and overwhelm, moments of hope and clarity,  periods of fear, despair or panic.  Are we really in collapse, can we come together to face these challenges, or will everything just unravel? What is the best I can aim for, where lies hope, how can I communicate what I feel, see, fear?

All over the planet people are waking up to the sheer scale of the challenges we face, and digging deep to find an apropriate and proportionate response.

The five elements model is designed to decompress the overwhelm, it creates  space to explore distinctly different parts of our being. It starts as a tender inquiry, to map out what in the world is going on for you, an overview and a deepening.  We start to identify in which elements you are well resourced and in which areas you are  under-resourced, stuck and/or vulnerable. The areas in which you are well resourced  are where you might collaborate with others, offer service and  take bigger bolder actions. The areas in which we find most difficulty we can identify processes, practices, and resources to help. 

The five elements arise in the wisdom and folk traditions of both East and West. Each element represents a distinct area of  human being …

Water – The element of water is all about feelings. Letting our feelings flow increases the rate of change we can handle. In this element we find unbearable compassion and let go of how things ought to be, could have been and should have been, and find greater acceptance of how they really are.  Here we dare to express deeper grief and gratitude, and the myriad emotions of this epic moment. The unintegrated shadows of feelings and emotion are avoidance and hysteria. 

Fire – The element of fire is all about values and passion. Connecting with our values affects the quality of change.  When we connect with the  values of the heart, we become inflamed with a sense of mission, we resist change that transgresses our core values and affect change that is inspired.  Here we find courage and take risks, this is the element of  our principles such as Justice and of activism.  The unintegrated shadows of passion are opposition, guilt, blame and burn-out. 

Earth – The element of earth is about body and work. This is about the substance of change and our livelihood. Here we build resilience, gather our resources, feed and take care of the body, build and maintain our home and our relationships and prepare the soil.  Here we find and enact our deeper purpose. The unintegrated shadows of earth are materialism, survivalism, habit and routine. 

Air – The element of air is about mind. Here we understand the processes of change. In this element we process information, belief, and knowledge, clarify and update our models and assumptions in order to make better sense of it all.  Here we find and make meaning. The unintegrated shadows of air range through false certainty to paralysing doubt. 

Spirit – The element of aether is spirit. Here we connect with all that we are, we find the still centre which integrates all change processes. In this element we resource ourselves in the transcendant and unbroken so that we can become more present to that which is broken.  The unintegrated shadows of spirit are by-passing, univolvement and negation of the material. 

Topics which often arise…

  • Grief  – How do we cope with wave after wave of loss and express our feelings without being swept away?
  • Communication – how do we express what we see, feel and fear and tend to keep to ourselves, how do we better communicate  our messages?
  • Sense making and meaning – how do we make better sense of what is happening, and how do we find meaning in it?
  • Hope – how do we orientate ourselves towards hope that is possible and achievable and not delusional and wishful
  • Connection – how do we re-connect with life, earth, soul, spirit?
  • Death and endings – how do we come into a more conscious and liberating relationship with death and endings?
  • Activism and Resistance – how do we make a stand and act for life?
  • Awakening – how do we best ‘wake up’  from the materialistic dream of the World?
  • Regeneration – how do we find others to collaborate with in order to save and restore what we can?
  • Purpose and Mission – what is uniquely ours to give at this time? What  can we best collaborate with others upon?
  • Shadow  what do our worst fears actually look like –  are they driving, blocking or controlling us? 
  • Livelihood – how do I make my way in a world that is broken and which is breaking the earth?


Wider Embraces

Wider Embraces is a guided meditation practise which offers comfort, integration and insight.  I use it as a powerful and enriching  part of the coaching alliance. Wider Embraces meditation can have many benefits, it can; 

  • Soothe the nervous system and our feelings of loss, facilitating acceptance, gratitude, belonging, awe and wonder based in a scientific understanding of reality   
  • Enhance understanding by enabling us to take different perspectives  
  • Ignite our mission – a passion for enacting inspired change which expresses our core values in solidarity with life and all beings
  • Resource us to stand in resistance to forces which transgress our values and which do harm  
  • Engage with purpose towards embodied, material resilience and regeneration 
  • Transcend that which is broken, collapsing and ending, by connecting with universal and global processes of evolution and becoming

So how does this work?

I coach from the assumption that you are deeply wise, my job is to evoke, affirm and ignite that wisdom in the shadow of a world gone mad.

Part of you  is already longing for the change and transformation your ignited wisdom will  show you – the comfort zone is not actually comfortable.

My job is to engage your wisdom and lend you mine, as we focus together on whatever aspects of your Deep Adaptation will benefit from our attention.  And then you you pay it forward… we all have to learn and adapt very quickly.

We will have a series of purposeful, powerful, dynamic, intimate and liberating  conversations which go as deep as we are both willing and able, which are designed to enhance your capacity to adapt way beyond the period of our working together.   

What that looks like will be defined by your deepest needs and what your unique world-view and struggle is. My framing is that you will become more effective and powerful in your adaptation to what is coming 

Most of my coaching is online over video calls  – which means I can work anywhere and keep my prices low, and my schedule flexible to meet yours.

My fees are not fixed. My standard fee is £500 for a three months coaching programme,  but this can be discounted depending on your income bracket if we are a  good match. I also offer up to two people pro-bono coaching at any given time…

Free consultation


I offer a free consultation (one to one and a half hours) where you can enjoy some powerful coaching without any obligation to continue, to see if we are a match, and work out how coaching could best serve you if you choose to continue. I consider it a success if we never even need to speak again… 

Here’s what one person wrote to me after a single, one-off hour trial session…

 Hi Matthew. You gave me free coaching session in February. I promised to let you know how I’m getting on with things. My anxiety eased off and I don’t feel so lonely anymore. As you can see, Alice is definitely jumping into rabbit hole, and I wanted to thank you for that. For helping me to re-discover myself again! Many thanks”                                                                                        

M.H. 2017

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