October offer to the Wider Embraces community


It is my pleasure to offer a Wider Embraces Coaching session for free to any readers of the newsletter during the month of October. If,  after the session you’d like more, I will offer two more sessions where you can pay by donation – whatever you feel or can afford. 


Coaching our Wider Embraces


A wider embraces coaching session involves you and me getting very curious about the sensations, insights and wisdom that arise as we move through the embraces together. 


 Some people like to identify a topic beforehand, so that we can move towards the embraces where we might get fresh perspective, inspiration, integration or healing.  For example, if there is dissonance within the family, at work, or if we are feeling the anxiety of the world, or disenchantment with our humanity. Identifying the embrace where the dissonance or misalignment arises, and the embraces where healing and integration can occur, is in itself illuminating.


Other people prefer to trust that even without a specific topic or issue to address, as we move through the usual sequence of embraces, whatever needs to be seen and explored will naturally arise. 


There is great wisdom that arises in the embrace of the group – my job is to evoke that wisdom by asking the right questions, and to guide you to the embrace that best serves you. 


Here’s what two people said about the Wider Embraces coaching: 


Matthew led me through a coaching session utilising the wider embraces process and it was deeply powerful.  With his gentle guidance I was able to connect deeply with aspects of self and, more importantly perhaps, a broader / deeper wisdom.  During the session I had an experience of feeling whole and empowered and of an impetus to shift my way of being.  The sensations experienced in the session have stayed with me and are expanding into my life in interesting ways.

K.S.  2020


I’ve had 2 Wider Embrace sessions with Matthew and each has been deeply satisfying. They have helped me to work on levels and topics that I wanted to address but didn’t even quite know how to put into words. Matthew holds the space beautifully– creating a safe and inviting atmosphere where ‘what needs to be worked on’ emerges naturally and gently. It feels like integration happens on multiple levels. After each session, I’ve been left with a sense of joy. I love that our connection to the Earth is an integral part of this work. I feel that when I do the work, I heal not just myself but also shift things in a positive way for the Earth too. I will most certainly be continuing to include the Wider Embrace work with Matthew into my ongoing self and Earth-care. 

S.D. 2020



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