About me


  • A commitment to on-going professional development with other Deep Adaptation guides 
  • Acute listening skills, and practised intuition
  • A commitment to serving your unique adaptation within your own world view 
  • Authenticity, honesty, and compassion
  • An unshakeable belief that we are creative, resourceful and wise, that we are not ‘broken’, but can be present to the brokeness of the world
  • A lack of judgement about where you are now or how you want to adapt
  • I walk the talk; I’m committed to making a difference about the things I care about, and to expanding my edges, capacities, joy and commitment in service to life.

I was really good at coaching …and then collapse happened!

About the same time that both my father and my best friend died – I simply lost all hope for the World.

I lost hope that this World can be saved or transformed. I saw that we are actually going to end up where the signs and scientific evidence say we are heading – a collapsing dystopia and an unstable, hostile environment. In fact, for many humans and animals the very worst has already arrived. 

I entered into a darkness, an anxiety, a grief for the world which took me three years to move through. I have a lot to say about this – but the point is, it was not conceptual or intellectual, it was visceral; I suffered an internal, deeply felt collapse as I came to accept the reality of external global collapse.

I am not the same person that I was, and my coaching reflects that change

I feel  deeper love and  deeper joy alonside my grief, I feel more present engaged and effective, even as I know there is nothing to be done

 The Five Elements of my Adaptation

Acceptance – Water 

I accept that the earth is in a transformation, and let go into the flow of change, this feels at times both painful and exhilarating

Resistance – Fire

I refuse to accept the the darkness of humanity, and stand for the light of Justice and Love

Engagement  Earth 

I will work towards resilience and regeneration so that life survives and thrives now and into the deep future

Understanding – Air

 I seek to make better meaning and sense of it all to understand this moment

Transcendence – Spirit

 I am a node in a billion year process of becoming, that extends far beyond my personal perspective and moment in time

And of course – I just have to get on with my life, make a living and be a good person in this crazy collapsing world.

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