Welcome to Deep Adaptation

Wishing for a transformation that does not first suffer a collapse is a naive bypass. 

Suffering through collapse without enacting regeneration is a hopeless capitulation. 

Move from avoidance, overwhelm and fear

into loving engagement with what really matters.

None of us can do this alone, so lets make a start together…




Introductory  connection


 Let’s just start with an hour of conversation. Even if we never speak again, you will leave with a clearer idea of what Deep Adaptation means to you  and some steps to take,  without  any cost or obligation to continue… 

Here’s what the retired Director of Health & Wellbeing, European Commission wrote to me after a single, one off hour trial session…

 I have just had a one-off coaching conversation with Matthew and I am just elated. The word “conversation” does not do justice to what happened during those 90 minutes. It was an encounter of a very profound kind, articulated around the Five Elements {pathways} of Deep Adaptation, a brilliant map to dive into who we are in the middle of this mess.
Matthew listens with all his senses and one feels that his whole person is devoted to sensing and making sense of who you are. He is a mirror that reflects both how you are perceived as a totality and also sheds light into unknown unknowns of who you really are. He led me to realise the importance of identifying the bedrock of my engagement, the ambiguous relationship I have with authority, the central importance of connection in this period of my life.
I know few people who combine such a surgical mind, with a heartfelt humanity and skilful mastery of the art of counselling. I am deeply grateful.”
Fernando García Ferreiro February 2021.     


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