What is the deepest wisdom in troubled times?


The world is broken, and is breaking the earth…                                                                 

                                           Welcome to  Deep Adaptation.



Move from avoidance, overwhelm and fear

into positive engagement with what really matters.

None of us can do this alone, so lets make a start together… 

Introductory  connection


 Let’s just start with an hour of conversation. Even if we never speak again, you will leave with a clearer idea of what Deep Adaptation means to you  and some steps to take,  without  any cost or obligation to continue… 

Download your Wheel of Life worksheet to prepare for our session. 

Here’s what one person wrote to me after a single, one off hour trial session…

 Matthew I want to thank you again for the coaching session. It’s helped to give me the gusto to go and do my thing. I’m performing at a Slam Poetry event next Friday and today I began shooting a music video that we will finish tomorrow…… NICE ONE!”                                                                                       

S.P. 2015

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